The Premise


God gave us economic rules which promise general prosperity with no unearned privilege and no systemic poverty.  His rules are found in the Bible, and are a gift of continuing value to us, His children, if we would only apply them.  They are neither left nor right.  Instead, they produce the goals that both the left and right strive for by using non-coercive means.

There is no contradiction or conflict between morality and sound economics.  To the extent that an economic system produces some poor to bad outcomes, it has failed to employ the proper economic rules.  The basis for these rules can be found in the Bible.  Most of the time, improper rules, and their resulting failures, come from well-meaning people or governments wishing to force politically attractive economic results that the free economy was not producing fast enough or could not produce at all due to earlier nullifications of God’s more natural economic Laws.  Alternatively, improper rules often come about in order to increase government revenue or control.

Governments are almost always the source of improper economic rules since no other entity has power over and greater than the free economy.

The sad history of such economically coercive government missteps is as old as civilization.  Also as old as civilization are the proper rules.  “The Other Law of Moses” lays out these rules and shows how well they have worked through the ages.

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